Doing Good While Doing Well

Dominic EbanksDominic Ebanks always loved helping others. Now he runs a consulting firm that provides technology solutions for nonprofits and has built his business by helping organizations that are making a difference in the world.

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? 
I am the Co-Founder and President of Acuta Digital, a full-service Information Technology firm that works primarily with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to build their brands. A brand is the way that an organization or business tells the world who they are, and we help them build that, usually starting with their website.

One thing that I love about the websites we build is that they’re functional as well as beautiful. So often, an organization will have a team build a gorgeous website that doesn’t really meet their operational needs or create a really great technical solution to a problem that doesn’t engage the audience they’re trying to reach. We make sure that we do both well.

What is your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you?
I’m a first-generation American of Caribbean heritage. My family comes from a rural area of Jamaica. I go back to Jamaica a lot, to do volunteer work or just to visit family, and I think it gives me a much different perspective on the world. Seeing life outside of the US makes you realize how many resources and opportunities we have in America compared to other countries. There are definitely barriers here, but as long as you have two arms and two feet, why not take advantage of what’s here? The road may be difficult, but at least there’s still a road there at all.

I really try not to focus on the challenges that I’ve faced because of my culture or race, because I’d rather tackle those challenges head-on and come out on the other side. I fight back against the stereotypes about who I am or the surprise that I’m the person leading the company by doing good work and letting that speak for me. Every time I face a challenge, I get focused and try to figure out how to get past it and get to my goal.

How would you describe what you do? What does your work entail?Dominic Ebanks - Closeup
My job at the company as the CEO and President is to create our overall strategy and direction and make sure that all of our stakeholders are satisfied at the end of the day. That means not just our clients, but also our partners, nonprofits that we support, and the staff. It starts with building relationships – meeting people and telling them what we do, why it’s important, and how it can help them. Once we have a client, I work to make sure each project stays on track and that everyone is happy with the end result.

What was your journey to doing this kind of work? How did you get here?
I went to college as a pre-med student, but my real passion was for business, so I went to work in the corporate world as a business consultant after graduation. I was able to learn a lot of hands-on skills in the corporate world, from business development to negotiation skills to people management, but in the back of my mind, I always knew that I’d eventually want to leave.

I started preparing for my last day from the beginning – I never let myself get comfortable financially and take the exotic vacations or go to the high-end restaurants that my friends did. I invested most of the money I made into stocks and lived as simply as possible. And when I was ready to quit my job, I had enough saved up to go back to school for a master’s in business without having to work during my studies. Once I got there, I was drawn to the idea of starting my own business and I started my entrepreneurial path after I graduated in 2007. I thought it would give me more freedom and give me the opportunity to give back to people while making money.

I always say that I started a business at the best possible time – at the beginning of the recession in 2008. People questioned my timing, but when you start a company during lean times, everyone learns to live very frugally instead of just throwing money at issues. The resources were lean, so I built a slim operation, just the way I had personally when I was saving for graduate school. Now we have a presence in three cities– Pittsburgh, New York City, and Atlanta – and a core staff of nine, but we still remain nimble.Dominic Ebanks - Bench

Do you love what you do? Do you think you’ve found the right path?
I love the work that I do, but more importantly, I love being able to decide who I do it for. We do a lot of work with and for small nonprofit organizations. In this new digital age, you don’t have to be a big and well-known organization to make an impact, but not everyone will give smaller nonprofits a chance. We do.

We work with smaller organizations on a sliding scale and give clients the option of picking somewhere for us to donate a percentage of the fees they’ve paid us. The money comes out of our bottom line, but it goes to other nonprofits that need a voice and resources to be able to succeed. One great thing about being the boss is that you can have a vision and build a company that reflects it. Our company culture is a reflection of who I am.

What kind of challenges do you face?
It’s a big virtual world out here. We work with clients around the world, but our competition also comes from around the world, particularly in places that have a much lower cost of living and can offer competitive pricing. On the other hand, we also compete with firms that are a lot bigger than we are. So a lot of my job is relationship building and persuading people that we’re the ones they need to work with. It’s like going on a job interview in your best suit and tie two times a week.

What is the single most important thing you have learned outside of school about the working world?
Sometimes people are too narrow in their focus and throw away experiences and relationships that don’t directly relate to their goals. But the personal relationships that you develop and the skills that you learn always make you a better person, and that makes you a better business person. The more you develop personally, the more likely it is that your career develops along with you.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?Dominic Ebanks - Volunteer
I love what I do, so I’m going to keep on doing it. I do think the company is going to change to try to touch more people. Right now, we provide services, but there’s a limit to how many people we can really touch doing that, because you run into issues with how much time there is in a day and what resources you have available. If we start offering products, our reach can be so much wider. I also want to get other small businesses to do the type of charitable work that we do – so many times, business owners think that all philanthropic work is powered by big foundations and corporations, but everyone can make a difference.

  • Lee Wonten

    This is amazing!! You are one of a kind! Your story is very inspiring. I love how you stayed positive through all of the challenges and how you are very much goal oriented. That’s awesome! I salute you brother! I am very much touched by your story.

  • Victoria Pacheco

    Wow! Such a great way to open perspectives on the people around you. Inspiring that not only can you achieve your dreams but never give up on achieving those dreams when you run into obstacles or challenges.

  • Meagan Lynne

    This was a very inspiring story, Mr. Ebanks story was very motivating. He is pursuing his dreams and helping others to realize that our dreams are achievable.

  • Yan Fonseca

    It’s always good to see how some people will truly go out of their own way to make others happy. I think it is the only raw form of the decent humanity that is left in this cruel world. Dominic is an inspiring individual who deserves a lot of recognition for what he has accomplished in life thus far. I myself have put in some of my time with a non-profit organization out of Orlando, Florida, called Getaboard Foundation. It is a small effort towards giving underprivileged kids a chance to practice skating, surfing, arts and crafts, and even music. We’ve supported Go Skate Days, local contests, and skate camps, and more recently reached out to a couple schools in Jamaica. It was an awesome experience for those that got to make the trip and donate several skateboards as well as their time to show some of the Jamaican youth what skateboarding is all about. Drew Campbell is the founder and an all around great guy, who does whatever it takes to make the kids happy, one idea after the other. My two buddies Alejandro Musa and Alex Elder also work for the foundation with absolutely no profit in mind just pure volunteer work that provides kids with an escape from their reality. It all began in 2003 with surf lessons and still goes strong until today in order to keep young kids off the streets of drug and gang related violence and enrolled in school to broaden their overall education instead of dropping out. It is a very rewarding opportunity to be able to help such innocent children just to put a simple smile on their faces and show them that although life can be hard at times, it isn’t enough to give it up and quit your dreams and goals. As a skateboarder you learn very quickly that for every fall you take, you pick yourself back up and try the trick again. In other words, “You got to pay to play”, right?!

  • Andrea Pineda

    First of all, I love your story because it has opened my eyes to see how a real good heart can impact so may lives. I can relate in a personal level to your motto “doing good while doing well”.

    I come from a little but beautiful country in Central America, El Salvador. The most special characteristic of my country is that although we are small in size, we are big in heart and that is what distinguishes us Salvadorians among many different countries. Luckily, I have never lived in extreme poverty conditions as much people do now. For the past year, our country registered that among all our population, 45.3% lived in poverty and 25% of them live in extreme conditions, with less than one dollar per day. Luckily, I have never lived in such extreme conditions or even lacked of basic needs; but my parents did have a relatable experience during their childhood. Both of my parents come from humble and poor families. They have worked their entire lives to come through in their professional careers and personal lives.

    Quoting you, “there are definitely barriers here (America), but as long as you have two arms and two feet, why not take advantage of what’s there”. People, especially in undeveloped countries, tend to diminish the real value of their own home, their own country and it is not fair. This is the mother land that has raised and taken care of you even though it has some problems that can be fixed out through one action: volunteer.

    Volunteering and Community work go beyond just going to any charity cause and work there, It means really engaging into a community and give more than your one-hundred percent to help those in need.

    With our busy lives, it is very hard to find time for others but there will always be a chance to help someone else. Volunteering is a way of changing, is a way of revolution because this kind of work that is done with millions of people around the world is changing our paradigms in different areas of our society: socially, entrepreneurship and political.

    The intention of helping others is to highlight many social issues that in our daily basis we usually take them granted or just don’t pay attention to them. The lack of conscience can make a country to plunge real quickly and you know what? Adults say this to us (young leaders) very often, but it is actually true “the future of our country relies on us, the young leaders of tomorrow”. So if the future is in our hands, we should take part of it right now. We all rise by lifting others.

    Volunteering itself is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through this life without someone’s help. I can assure you that the best way to find yourself is to get lost in serving others. I know we are all busy in our daily basis but volunteers do not necessarily have the time to help others but they have the heart to do so.

    This is my philosophy towards “doing good” in this life. Since high school, I have participated in so many free activities like free tutoring, spiritual missions and volunteering at Glasswing International and still maintain a good GPA in both school and currently in college. Being in a country surrounded with so many economic and social problems, it is impossible not to find an opportunity to help.

    All of these experiences of helping people have taught me to always give and not expect anything in return because life will always smile at you if you smile at it and what better way to do so than by helping others to grow and smile too. Right now, besides volunteering, my life is focused in transferring from El Salvador to another college in the US to continue my academic path and acquire as much knowledge as I can to help my country grow via exercising in my career area. I want to form part of the new leaders of tomorrow my country so desperately needs to continue growing and evolving to show the world what a great country we are.

  • sandra

    Your story opened my eyes in so many ways. First I would love to comment over the topic “What is your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you?”. Being hispanic I can related how it can help you or hurt you at the same time.
    Living in Guatemala for five years has shown me how to live life in a different perspective. Somewhere in the world there are several situations where poverty has taken a huge effect on people lives.. Poverty has become one of Guatemala’s most leading problems. Like you said there’s “many resources and opportunities we have in America compared to other countries”. The opportunities don’t come very often for children as their parents try to fight against poverty.

    Being MYSLEF child to Guatemalan parents, I can imagine how glad they are to have given me a better opportunity for my future. Through the experiences I’ve had, both in and out of school I have strived to strengthened myself through knowledge and hands-on experiences so that I can become more self-aware and better critical thinker. I Dream of always being a student of the world. I believe we never stop learning because we encounter people and circumstances on a daily baises that teach us about differences we can celebrate about each other.
    Through my transnational experiences, I learned that societies and communities have contrasts that we must analyze and reflect on so we can develop wisdom and pass on our knowledge to others. I see myself always being hungry for those interactions and for seeking out our human connections because together we can work to make our communities and our world better.

    My life experiences have taught me to always value what I have because I lived amongst many others with less. Set goals to accomplish them. Wherever life takes me, I know somewhere a door will open for me to explore my talents. My main goals is to continue my education so I can be better equipped to confront life’s unexpected twists. I will evolve into an individual willings to take risks, knowing the level of vulnerability I may be in, all with the goal to accomplishing extraordinary things for the benefits of many.

  • jumela moore

    First, I love the story. I relate to this story quit a bit.

    During my junior year of high school I was also taking classes to become an EMT. I had always wanted to work in the medical field and it was my passion. I loved the class and the fact that we had to gain experience before completion. I was able to work in the emergency room and ride in the ambulance. This experience was amazing and I thought that would be my career for the rest of my life.

    While in high school I also took my first accounting class, and from that moment I knew that was what I would go to college for. Now, I am a Junior at the University of Illinois at Springfield majoring in accounting. I am so anxious to start my career in the accounting field and help companies with their financial issues. For me accounting is like a stress reliever. I can sit and go through financial statements and figure out how to manage money everyday.

  • Erica West

    This story is so great – someone with a unique skill putting it to good use. I applaud Dominic for this hard work and creativity. As he says, designing a website is both about functionality and aesthetics. I am currently going to school for social work, and I am excited to also put my skills to use to help the world and those in need.

    I also relate to this story in that you constantly have to be learning more and building relationships. While Dominic builds relationships with businesses, as a social worker you have to build relationships with clients to build trust. Working in non profits is never easy or simple, and I really appreciate that Dominic works on a sliding scale to ensure that even if a non profit does not have a lot of money, they can still access his business. This is something I hope to do as a social worker as well – never allow poverty to be a barrier, and make sure to prioritize getting people services over anything else. For me, people are the priority, and I’m happy to see other businesses and people out there who feel the same way.

  • sinithia Drake

    First, thank you for sharing your story and being transparent. Second this story is encouraging and for many reasons seem to mirror my same experiences and lane of life that I am currently living. I too know that the job where I currently am is not my final destination. I currently have a non- profit organization where I mentor single mothers providing them with both encouragement and resources to make the journey of single parenting ‘easier”. It is me desire to provide these services as a business for women around the world in general. I believe as women we do and are responsible for a number of things and often times can become overwhelmed. It is my hope to help ease those pressures that make us over whelmed. I enjoy working with all types of women from all sorts of backgrounds. I am now working on my undergrad degree with the prospects of going further with my education to make my organization an actual business. Again, thank you for sharing!!

  • Ashley

    This story is very inspiring. I love the title of the article “Doing good while doing well”. This title really summarized this incredibly man, Mr. Ebanks, who not only is doing what he loves but also helping others at the same time. Although it’s an overuse saying, its very true that when one puts their mind to something they can most definitely achieve it. I am from a Hispanic heritage, and sadly it’s really not commons for our ethnicity to go to college, therefore there are a lot of struggles that one must face to be successful. No matter what ethnicity one is everyone has obstacles, ones might be bigger than others, but we all have that ability to have that intrinsic motivation to push oneself to become whatever it is we want. Mr. Ebanks said “I fight back against the stereotypes about who I am or the surprise that I’m the person leading the company by doing good work and letting that speak for me.” this really resonates with me, it gives me hope that whenever i’m expected to do a certain thing, I hope that I prove them wrong by my accomplishments and actions

    I’ve always had the dream to become a doctor, and maybe some day I will be, but I wont lie there have been many moments that i’ve wanted to give up. I mean who wouldn’t, its expensive, lots of years in school and science has never been my strong suit. But I took human anatomy I was fasinated with the way our body works. I know for a fact that my passion is helping others no matter what that maybe. I get this high from helping others, oh and the smile on their faces that simply resemble gratitude are priceless. I really applaud Mr. Ebanks for being such a great role model. I hope one day I can be “Doing Good while doing well.”

  • tam

    That you can achieve anything you put mind you’re too. You
    are your biggest fan. It might be a little hard at first but keep pushing
    toward the goal that you place for yourself. Yes, it might mean you cannot do
    what everyone else is doing but why be follower when you can be a leader
    because those same people are probably wishing that had done what you did. Once
    you achieved that goal or goals it will make you feel so proud yourself. Never
    give up!!!!

  • Vinny

    After reading this story, it not only shows that once you put you mind into something you can success but you, as a person, can overcome any and all challenges within reason. Mr. Ebanks went to school for one thing and decide to do something else and that is our right. The good thing with him, he went back to school to learn more and become the person he is now. My hat is off to Mr. Ebanks and for what you is doing with his life, coming out from not so good circumstances to being a very successful business man. Good job.

  • Jordan

    I related to this story the most because there were many obstacles in my life that would have (and did temporarily) make me give up on furthering my education. I played football in college and quickly began to dislike it. I lost my scholarship when I stopped playing football and I dropped out of school. I thought there was no way I could continue without a scholarship. Then I met a girl who encouraged me to go back to school at a local community college. She is a teacher and values education very much, she gave me the push, encouragement, and support I needed to try again. Not long after, she got pregnant and I had to put school on hold again so that I could work more hours to better provide for my family. We had our son and I stayed home with him during the day while my girlfriend went to work. When she came home, I went to work. We spent hardly any time together and there was absolutely no way I could take on another responsibility or task (school) now. After several years of discussing and planning, we came up with the idea for me to start online school so that I can finally pursue my passion in helping others, providing for my family, and continuing my education.

  • Rhoda Sabatchi

    This is such an inspiring story to me because I identify with it. Being in the field of Information Technology, a marketing/management/entrepreneurship student, a Filipino/Chinese American, and one who dedicates their time to the community and social justice, I completely understand where his heart is and feel the passion surging through his veins. The way I dedicate my passion is through time. I have always been immersed in community service from helping out at soup kitchens to running social justice conferences for the community because of my sister and I have loved every moment of it.

    In my organizational theory and global leadership class, we have four frames of management that we study and one of them is the human resource frame in which managers build healthy relationships with their employees and take care of their employees for the benefit of the company. The idea is that if the employee is satisfied, they will stay with the company longer and they will do good work. I definitely see this style of leadership with Dominic because his passion lies within people.

    To hear this story reminds me that there are great people out there in the world and that there is hope for the greater good. This motivates me to keep on committing to the greater good and to be greater version of myself I can be. My sister strives to either start a non profit or to be really involved in one and my hope is to be able to collaborate with her when I start my business. I am so similar to him in so many ways and hearing his story has motivated me to push harder and to be the change I know I can be and that my purpose is bigger than myself.

  • mshelton28

    This was such a great read! Something that especially resonated with me was your tip about taking advantage of every personal relationship you have. Networking is great in accomplishing your goals, but so many of the opportunities I’ve received have come from genuine friends who happened to hear about a position or experience through their own network. Not only that, but spending your time just working to get ahead won’t leave you with a rounded out life at the end of the day. Rather taking the road less travelled will give you the stories and happiness that you can reflect back on for years to come.

  • shellylowe

    I agree I know about stereotyping growing up on an indian reservation people always think bad. Well here I’am. My high school year i was on honor roll every year even after losing my brother to a suicide, only native american to have made it into the national honor society and graduate with honors. I will continue to strive and show this world that if you have the heart and the mind you can do anything. My younger brother brady is a big inspiration to me seeing he has cerebral palsy and is in a wheel chair and if people treated Brady the way Brady treats everyone this world would be a much better place.

  • Sejong Kim

    Wow….his life is great and wonderful. A life to give is much more valuable than a life to receive. His charitable practice in his business is a very good example. Such people can have a huge satisfaction. His life and challenge themselves are very impressive to me.

  • Sophie Rodrigues

    Face the challenges on head on! Don’t look at them as disabilities. This type of attitude is what is going to change people’s beliefs and make this world a better place. We all can be hero’s by being people of integrity just as my heritage has taught me by example. You too have inspired me Mr. Ebanks! Thank you.

  • Jessica Pacheco

    So right on. Not everyone will give a smaller non-profit chance. Yet that is where dreams are made.

    Also, there is no substituting having the autonomy to pick your own projects is priceless!

  • Christian Aragonez

    The fact that Mr. Ebanks never stayed in his comfort zone and wanted a “simple life,” shows me the qualities I strive to improve and hopefully display as much as Mr.Ebanks. I admire the fact that he was able to never lose sight of who he was and what he dreamed of as he had the courage to start a business in the recession. To also give back to his community shows his humility and what he believes is truly important. Mr. Ebanks shares the same beliefs as I do as he takes calculated risks while his peers take “exotic” expenditures. As I continue my education and make my own calculated risks I plan on giving back as much as I can while doing something I love. The ability to earn income while doing something you love is something everyone dreams of. To see Mr. Ebanks fulfill his own dreams is a breath of fresh air, and I plan on doing the same as a biomedical engineer.

  • Jessica

    I enjoy this article a lot because I can really relate to this guy.

    In the beginning of his story, he talks about working with a partner and making sure that they both do well. I have experienced doing group projects or science labs where we make sure that we work together in order to accomplish our goal to do well on it. In this case, I think that working with others is a good way to learn what kind of person one is.

    My ethnicity is half Korean half American. Just like this guy, I go back to Korea to visit my family. I even realize that going to places outside of the US is a good way to understand the life style of people of different races and genders. I find it interesting that men and women have different roles in different countries around the world.

    I have faced a lot of challenges throughout my life. As a college student, it can be hard to balance the time of studying and other obligations. When I graduate with a bachelors degree, I will be proud of myself because I was able to manage all the obstacles I faced when working up to it.

  • Mahmood Al Musawi

    Three things that caught my attention to this story, love, love, and love!

    A man who LOVES to help others. I feel happy when I hear or see people who still have this spirit of helping each other. I believe that it is not just good for them, but it is also for public good. That is the seed that makes community grow and thrive.

    A man who LOVES what he does. I’m happy for him because that what keeps him, and everyone who does the same, committed to professional and ethical practice. That will eventually supports the first point when you combine helping other while doing your job. And that also what supports the next point.

    A man who LOVES challenge. Being competitive is something needs commitment, honesty, and spirit. And just by being who he is, he will keep being better and better.

    Very inspiring attitude!

  • Hasret Jackson

    Very inspiring story. It is important to stay down-to-earth when you make it to the top. I, myself, am working in a non-profit organization. Although I was offered a position within a company where I would have earned a lot more, I declined. It is because I decided that a job where I love what I do, would help me be good at what I do. Money alone is not everything and not nearly as rewarding as joy you get from helping others in need.

  • Shannon

    This is a very inspiring story. I really love the way he never let himself get comfortable in a job that was not the exact career he wanted. He is a very lucky man to be doing what he is so passionate about and this goes to show some hard work and a bit of time can really pay off for your future!

  • Tierra

    I enjoyed this article because it showed how important leadership is when it is authentic as well as operating in a servant style. Making money is important, but giving to others is as equally important. It plays a significant role in society when one can be unselfish and really give back while earning money. Even though we may face discrimination, there is an task that is bigger than us individually.
    As we gain insight on different issues within our cities, states, and countries, we should seek to make an positive impact on our environment.

  • Mark S H Jallayu

    I love this article! Anyone who leaves a big corporation where they are making a good fortune to start a business for the sake of helping others, is the kindest person to me in the world. This passion to help others, in spite of the fact that Mr. Ebanks business is small, says a lot about who he is as a person. Too often times, it seems like we are focused on the success of our own business or ourselves that we do not see the world around us. We care only to put food on our table, clothes on our back, when around the world, and even in our community, there are those who have less. Mr. Ebanks passion for giving and his belief that everyone can make a difference, makes our world a little brighter and I look forward to the day when we will start thinking like that. Big foundations and corporations do not have to be the engine of giving, we, as private citizen can do that, too. It starts with our education and looking deep down within us about what moves us.

  • Makiah Green

    I enjoyed reading this particular article. The section about the most important thing Dominic Ebanks has learned was highly relatable to what I am currently going through within my life today. I thought distancing myself away from certain people would allow me to become a stronger individual but in reality those personal bonds make us who we are and who we become in the future.

    I am in the process of transferring from a university that felt more like a high school when in reference to the cliques, rumors and drama. I am also in a long distance relationship which just recently downgraded to an nonexclusive relationship. Trying to figure out who I want in my and who actually wants to be involved in my life is the conflict I am experiencing. Even though this life lesson is hard, I am realizing that in my future – bridges should not be burned.

  • Micaela Dunn

    This story is a prove that we all can contribute making a change in society and in our world by doing something big or small. It does not matter what you do as lons as you help others with an act of kidness.
    I always enjoyed helping peolple. Since I was a child, my mom and I every christmas go to foster care hoses in poor conditions and give the children some presents such as clothes and other type of donations that we recieve from family and friends and of course or own donations to help those children that have nothing to enjoy a little the christmas season. And we also enjoy helping then and seeing how happy we can make feel those kids by just doig that simple act of kidness.

  • Chandini Shah

    The story is very well written and told. I was inspired by his hardwork and dedication. I also loved how he was specific about his struggles in an attempt to help the readers understand him more and also in order to for the reader to feel more inspired when he succeeds.

  • Sherida Zeeuw

    This story has inspired and encouraged me for my journey in school, life and business, especially no matter what I go through in life, wonderful or awful. Both Mr. Ebanks and I share a common passion, which is helping others less fortunate. In fact, it encourages me to work hard and do my best so that one day I can be happy with my career. With positive thoughts, come positive outcomes and giving up should not be the answer. To begin with, I choose to be an athletic trainer major, wanting to help athletes recover and get back to playing their sport. Once, we did community service for our freshman orientation, I knew that I could assist the whole community and no just a small group of people. Soon after, I changed my major because I plan on making a homeless hotel, for the less fortunate, so they could have a place to stay and do not have to worry about having to leave the next day or having they properties stolen once they turn their back. I want to provide for them, since there is an estimated 2 million homeless people on the streets. The one obstacle that I have overcame was my mindset. Thinking that I will not achieve my goals, I’m not smart enough, and being older than most of my younger classmates were a bad thing. However, having family, friends, professors, and my community rooting for me; I knew I can bring fairness, justice, love, peace, and balance to the word, if I just push myself with positive thoughts within the right path. Graduating with a business major means that I can properly make my dream come true with the right knowledge. Also, a degree in business aids me to make the proper moves to becoming a successful business owner and be responsible in this vast world. I want to pursue my dreams and live a life that I am proud of.

  • Sherida Zeeuw

    This story has inspired and encourage me for my journey in school, life and business, especially no matter what I go through in life, wonderful or awful. With positive thoughts, come positive outcomes, and giving up should not be the answer. I choose my major because I plan on making a homeless hotel, for the less fortunate, so they could have a place to stay and do not have to worry about having to leave the next day or having they properties stolen once they turn their back. I want to provide for them, since there is an estimated 2 million homeless people on the streets. The one obstacle that I have overcame was my mindset. Thinking that I will not achieve my goals, I’m not smart enough, and being older than most of my younger classmates was a bad thing. However, having family, friends, professors, and my community rooting for me; I knew I can bring fairness, justice, love, peace, and balance to the word, if I just push myself with positive thoughts within the right path. Graduating with a business major means that I can properly make my dream come true with the right knowledge. Also, a degree in business aids me to make the proper moves to becoming a successful business owner and be responsible in this vast world.

  • Kehinde P

    Dominic Ebank’s story is very encouraging and inspiring. He was determined and went through a lot of struggles to achieve his goals today. I plan to graduate with a degree in bio/premed so that I can move forward to Med School. Hopefully, I can achieve my goals with perseverance and dedication.

  • Savannah M

    I come from the same ethnicity and it always makes me proud to see when others
    similar to me are achieving in life. His story inspired me to want to work harder towards my goals.

  • Tokuryu Lopez-Itomura

    I really love how you mentioned using experiences and relate it to your goals. I have a similar experience where I volunteered and took part in a musical performance and reflecting on this I can relate this to my goal in the medical field by affecting hundreds of people through my own hard work.

  • Theresa Foote

    I share your comments on helping people. I am trying to start up a business to help people also,

  • Mlrambo

    Very inspiring!! Thank you for your commitment to help people. You can always create what you want and I fully believe this. Continue doing what you love because you are making a difference for people!!

  • Viola Henry

    This article is an amazing example of the impact of
    education and the freedom that accompanies it.
    First generation college attendance comes with many challenges financially
    and academically. I appreciate your
    community aiding you in dreaming a bigger dream.

  • Morgan Fitzke

    It is amazing to see someone pursing their dreams and living a life they are proud of. It truly does make me want to work hard and do my best so that one day I can be happy with my career. As the saying goes if you really do love your job, you will never work a day in your life. That is what I hope for with my career and this story inspires me that it is possible.

  • Kali Wade

    Mr. Ebank;s story reminds me how motivated I am into pursuing my purpose. Both Mr.Ebanks and I share a similarity in pursuing what we have a passion for. In college he graduated with a Pre-Med degree however, later changed what he wanted to do in life which was help others. I also had the same kind of thing happened to me except I wanted to be a veterinarian. However, a light was shown that I needed to help others by becoming a speech pathologist/audiologist. With my degree, I can travel and assist the less unfortunate with their medical needs as a speech pathologist/audiologist. Even though I haven’t graduated from college, this story has given me more inspiration to continue in what I am passionate about.

  • Brittany Conklin

    This was a very inspiring story, Mr. Ebanks story was very motivating. He is pursuing his dreams and helping others to realize that our dreams are achievable.

  • Melissa Navarro

    Reading Mr. Ebanks story motivated me even more to pursue my dreams and overcome any current/future obstacles with positive attitude. Success does not just come to you, one has to work for what they want.

    I find comfort in this story and can relate a lot to Dominic Ebank’s passion for helping people. I travel a lot to Mexico and see a lot of poverty, I told myself that once I am where I want to be in life that I would dedicate a part of my life to helping those in need; providing them with clothes, food, and shelter. I always keep a quote in mind from Mother Teresa, “its not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Always remain humble and compassionate.

  • Madi Perez

    What an inspirational story. Dominic Ebanks, you are an inspiration to everyone. I commend you for pursuing your dreams, and taking it one step further.

  • Camille Granberry

    I read Dominic Ebanks’ story feeling his personality come through between the lines, and it sincerely touched my heart. Dominic’s passion for helping others and doing more for those who have less is a passion I share as well.

    This summer I am interning with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana. The mission of our charity is to provide a ‘home away from home’ for families of children with complex medical needs by creating homes with care, compassion, and a sense of community. Families from near and far with children who must receive medical care at a hospital in the Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana area are eligible to stay for free in our large, beautiful homes where they are provided their own bedroom, bathroom, access to home-cooked meals, and other amenities provided by the charity.

    My life has changed drastically since I first got involved with the charity 6 years ago when my family began volunteering regularly to cook meals for families staying at our local Ronald McDonald House. Seeing how much of a burden the charity took off parents’ backs while their children were being treated was an amazing experience.

    Now I have begun my journey as an intern, with the goal to create relationships with and help as many families as I can while I am here, very similar to Dominic’s lifelong mission. I want to make a career out of helping people, and while it may not be the most lucrative career path to take, I know it is the right one for me.

    Dominic and I also share another commonality: the color of our skin. I am half White and half African American, which makes me not only an anomaly in the workplace, but in my entire town. Where I am from there are only a handful of minority families, but I have never let the color of my skin hold me back. Once I have a goal, nothing can stand in my way. Dominic took all challenges that face him in stride, never letting stereotypes get the best of him. I admire him for his perseverance and for rising to the top in a system that usually keeps people like us near the bottom. I hope I can do the same in my pursuit of a career with Ronald McDonald House Charities or whichever non-profit I can assist.

    We all want to help people, but like Dominic, I want to do more for those less fortunate than myself in creative ways that can reach as wide a population as possible. With determination and innovation, I believe I can achieve this goal.

  • Kendra Rascon

    I can relate to Dominic in more ways than one. I also came from another country; Mexico. I go back to Mexico to visit family and friends and do some volunteering as well. One of the things I did last Christmas was go to my grandparent’s little town with about 300 people in it and have a christmas party for all of the children in that town. We had a cousin dress up as Santa Clause, we had food, a pinata, and even gave away toys. Now remember, most of these children are very poor and some of them don’t even get a good Christmas meal. This experience and many others that I’ve had change the way I view the world now. I know not to take things for granted and it made me want to help as many people as possible. Being from Mexico is a blessing because I can see how much God has blessed me and now I can help those people feel blessed as well.

    I also am going to college as a pre-med student because with this passion I have for helping others, I just feel that medicine is right for me. Everyone can make a difference, no matter how far or close they go.

  • Kelsey Wong

    I came into college as an intended political science major, but like Dominic, I decided to take a business class. I was not keen on going into the business world because I could not see myself working in a cubicle for 12 hours a day, slaving away for a corporation that gives me a nice salary because making money is not my life’s motivation. I’m the
    type of person whose idea of a perfect date involves volunteering at the soup
    kitchen or handing out free chocolate bars to people.

    However, my business class truly changed my perspective of the business world. The class had four different modules – Finance, Operations, Management, and Marketing – and each module was taught by a different professor. I really enjoyed the operations module because the professor gave me such a sense of hope that there is a space for passion, innovation, and social responsibility in the marketplace. During his last lecture he told my class, “You can do good while doing well.”

    That simple sentence found a place in my heart and after reading Dominic’s story, I feel encouraged knowing that it is true: Dominic is doing good while doing well.

    I like Dominic’s story because I can see myself walking in a similar stride in the future. I think he makes a reassuring statement when he mentions how he works with clients from all around the world, showing us that “small business” not necessarily mean you can’t have a large global impact. Similarly, Dominic encourages small companies to get involved with philanthropic work, pointing to his own company as evidence of being able to make money while benefiting people and communities.

    I relate to Dominic in that I have a similar sense of motivation. When I went back to my mother’s country, Malaysia, I was reminded of the numerous opportunities available at my university alone compared to the limited opportunities my family has back in their hometown. I recognized that as a college student, I have been giving more than I could ever need, and I don’t want to forget where I came from, or ever take these
    opportunities for granted.

  • monique ware

    I find this article really inspirational and relatable. I love the fact that he worked diligently at a job he knew wasn’t going to be at permanently, saved money to pay for his graduate degree, and was able to start his business during some very hard economic times.

    I also greatly appreciate that his business focuses on nonprofit organizations and government agencies. My goal is to pursue a career in public administration, hopefully working for either a nonprofit or local government. My past experiences with government (especially cities) websites is that they are confusing and difficult to navigate; also, a “brand” for marketing is nonexistent. I think it is wonderful that he is devoting his focus to help improve these areas. There are so many great nonprofits and community programs that try to help people, but without good marketing, branding, and websites it’s hard to get the word out there!

  • Joe Lim

    I can relate to this on a personal level. I entered my first semester of college wanting to be in the Sciences as a Biomedical Engineer. I soon realized that this path was not my forte and quickly switched to the Business route due to my involvement and talent in high school. Translating this drive from high school to early college was a great move considering that I changed my major many times before even entering my first class in college. While it may seem that someone has their life together, we are all truly undecided in the beginning of our first steps. We need time to explore, gather information, and evaluate.

  • NicaJJ

    What an inspirational story. I can relate to some of what was shared. For instance, I am a first generation American college graduate; my parents are from the islands too and they did not go to college. I also changed career pursuits. At first, I pursued a career in nursing. Although I loved the medical field, I soon discovered that I was trying to live someone else’s dream. I then changed my major and graduated with an A.S. in Human Services and a B.H.S. in Health Administration. Throughout the course of my studies, I have been drawn to human services and therefore, volunteered for different organizations in my community. Like Mr, Ebanks, I would like to assist new non-profits that aim to full unmet needs.

  • Kristina Lee

    Doing good for others while doing your job well is a dream, and it is my dream too. I plan on graduating with an Environmental Studies BA while minoring in Sustainable Built Environments. I have learned that not only do I want to help protect and improve our physical environment, but also that our constructed environment affects our health and productivity. Also, our environment and current climate change is having a large effect on social justice and equality. I want to do good for my Earth and community by molding policy and lifestyles to be beneficial for our lives, and the lives of other species.

    Dominic Ebanks hit the head on the nail when he said that seeing life outside the U.S. opens your eyes. While studying abroad in high school I noticed how Europeans lived a less wasteful life than we did back home. Seeing tangible and realistic examples got my gears turning. I was hooked on the idea of doing something similar for myself and neighbors. Passion and dedication is what drive the people that get things done, and I can see more of that in myself as my studies come closer to an end. Starting small and simple like Ebanks did is the smartest and safest way to ensure that you can continue to make a difference. From there, you have enormous potential to grow and thrive.

  • DBurkett

    This story is very powerful. Knowing the importance of how to help and give back is necessary. It is important to know what resources and services are available and useful for the targeted population. I too want to have a lasting impact on the lives that i support and want to be remembered for giving back to needed communities and making a positive change in corporate america. I believe that leading by example will pave the way for many others to follow and model after such an inspiring person as yourself.

  • Shen.Mclean

    As a half Jamaican, it’s very refreshing to see a successful person of the same heritage. And what makes it even great is that he’s doing something he’s passionate about and because of that he will definitely continue to be more successful.

  • Sydney Wickliffe

    While reading this post, I thought back to a story I was told while volunteering at a conference with middle schoolers in my former school district.

    The story depicts a boy on a beach throwing starfish back into the water at low tide. A man comes up to him and tells him that he will never be able to save all the starfish, that most will never make it back to the sea. “You’ll never make a difference,” he said. The boy picks up another starfish and throws it back. He looks back up at the man and says “I made a difference for that one.”

    There was one part of this post that continually resonated with me: personal relationships. To me this is what it’s all about. Whether on a professional or personal level, creating lasting and meaningful relationships with individuals and groups is what leaves me feeling fulfilled.

    Throughout my life, I have always strived to be involved in groups that will allow me to make other people’s lives better and easier, just like Ebanks does with Actua Digital. I have found that it is not the number of people you can help that matters so much as the quality, genuine help you can give to those within your reach. Ebanks has made it clear to me that you don’t have to be the biggest company out there to make a difference in someone’s life, you only need to help those around you and give them a chance to thrive.

  • Danita Raybon

    This post struck my attention because I enjoy helping others myself. Dominic Ebanks’ story was amazing to read. He was very determined and didn’t let anything stop him. As a minority his story inspires me to not let my race or ethnicity get in the way of my dreams. I strongly believe if one can make a difference then we all can! My dream is to help people all around the world. It was interesting to read about his trip to Jamaica because he noticed there are limited resources. This post encourages me to travel internationally to help the ones that are in need. From reading this post, I learned to not let anything get in the way of my dreams and to be mindful of my surroundings.

  • Anam Z

    I am also a first-generation American. My family is originally from Pakistan. It is always a wonderful experience to visit Pakistan and see what life is like in other areas of the world. As Americans, we are blessed to have so many opportunities. That is one of many reasons why we should not let any obstacle come in the way of what we wish to attain.

    It is important to keep your head up and focus on the positives of every situation. Graduating from college, continuing your education, or finding your first professional job will be exciting and stressful at the same time because it is a major accomplishment but, at the same time, it can be a lot of pressure.

    I know I want to find a career in which I can help others. To me, at the end of the day, being able to make a difference in someones life, not matter how big or small will make any obstacles I will face on the way of reaching my goals worth it in the end. There is a lot of competition out there. However, where there is a will, there is a way. I know I will not stop until I find a way. There are so many people who inspire me and I hope that one day my story can inspire someone else.

  • shua.ahmed

    I feel that it is important to work with people with other ethinicities and there shouldn’t be any stereotypes

  • Veronica Mercedes Machado

    “I fight back against the stereotypes about who I am or the surprise that I’m the person leading the company by doing good work and letting that speak for me.” I couldn’t be more touched by this statement. Our actions speak louder than our words, and I can sense the humility in Dominic’s work. Since I was little, I’ve felt the need to care for others, finally finding the path that I am supposed to be on has encouraged me more than ever to pursue my dreams of helping others. My role in the community has shifted. It went from a young girl running clothing, food, and holiday drives, to getting an education and pursuing a degree in Counseling/Psychology, where I can reach populations that have always touched my heart.

    You never know what someone’s story is. Mine went from being pretty lost and lonely to feeling proud and determined to be someone I want to be. I cannot wait for the day in which I can also remark, “I love the work that I do, but more importantly, I love being able to decide who I do it for.” My dream is to create my own company ,where my team is involved in the community and helping touch the lives of others. I love that Dominic Ebanks provides the option of giving his clients the right to choose an organization to donate some of their profits to. That is incredible and our world is changed by the people who work for philanthropy, human rights and care about our world.

    We all need a little help. I’m inspired by this story, not only because of the philanthropic underpinning, but because this is the type of story parallels and inspires my life. I need help in pursuing my dreams, college is a stressful and expensive time. I would be honored to receive a scholarships which further encourages and inspires me to do well in this world.

  • Kaitlyn Nichols

    This story is very inspiring to me as a student because I feel that I can relate to Dominic. I was unsure about what program to go into as I started college because I was interested in different areas, such as Art, Music, Dance, and Math. I had decided on majoring in Business, but I still felt unsettled. After talking to different people, I decided I would do a specialization in the Business program under Management Information Technologies. I find that computers are very interesting to learn about and I am glad that I chose this degree.
    I agree with Dominic that people get a lot more experience in fields once they start working. I worked at a government job and I feel that I have learned many things from the people and from the work process.
    I hope to be like Dominic and be very wise with money as well. I feel it is smart for people to start saving from a young age so that they will be able to afford things like graduate school and living expenses in the future.

  • Megan Warren

    Dominic’s story was amazing! I love seeing peole who find their passion and make it into their work rather than working to pay bills and then do what they love after work! It’s inspirational to hear how other minorities have found their path and makes me want to challenge myself to the same standards. Thank you for sharing Dominic!

  • Teshia Smith

    Dominic and I have a number of similarities. I too work for a non-profit organization. The company that I work for specializes in helping people with developmental disabilities become a part of the community. I admire him for returning home to Jamaica to volunteer and visit his family. His philosophy about the many advantages we have in America was very intriguing and I found it to be true. Working with people with disabilities has a way of humbling you. We take so many things in life for granted and do not even realize it. Some people are not able to see, walk, talk, feed themselves, etc. Working with people with disabilities has truly made me a better person because I know that life is all what you make it. These beautiful people face so many obstacles, but yet they find satisfaction in the littlest of things. I really admire them. Much like Dominic, I too love what I do. I can tell that the type of work that Dominic does is very rewarding. If I could write a ticket for what I will be doing in 5 years, I would say that I would be a successful Case Manager working with people with disabilities.

  • Arihugg

    Dominic’s story was very intriging. I like the way that he did not let his dreams pass him by in any way. I am a first generation American of a Guyanese mother. My mother suffered alot when she came over from Guyana but she found ways to make things work through alot of the time.
    Although I am not the first in my family to go to college, I still experience the struggles that come with each decision that has to be made. The biggest concern is how to finance the education that is necessary in order to get anywhere in the world. It can be extremly stressful trying to figure out how to make the next semester payment and feeling as if college will have to be put on hold simply because money is a factor. Although putting myself through undergrad and graduate school are not going to be possible without help, I will learn how to accept all that I have been given and pursue the dreams that I do not wish toleave behind.

  • Vanouche Gervais

    Dominic’s story was inspirational to me. I enjoyed reading about how he sacrificed just to pursue his dream. I too am a first generation American of Haitian parents. My parents did not have the opportunities allotted to me and I am grateful to them everyday for making the decisions they did for me and my sister. I am the first in my family to go to college and decide on graduate studies. it has been and sometimes it is hard to not buckle under the stress of blazing the trail but with the help of successful friends I am moving forward daily. I love to help others and am in the process of finding the right volunteer opportunity for me. After having to work full time and be a full time student to being a full time student and a part time employee I am learning how to manage my time better and seek out activities that will help enhance my future. Although I might not be as fortunate to put myself through graduate school like Dominic, I will learn how to manage the funds that are being allocated to me wisely and enjoy every moment of this learning journey. Dominic if you read this, I want to thank you for encouraging me in how to break the stereotype by being the best at my craft and also sharing that preparing for the last day from the beginning. I believe that my future is bright and this is a testimony as to how bright its going to be

  • Anagelica Gonzalez

    Reading Dominic’s story was really just a reminder of how wonderful helping others can make oneself feel. I can relate to this because I am a Hispanic female and have gone through several obstacles to get to where I am today. I have also had a very strong family and support system and although my mother and I were the only ones to complete high school and go to college my family did everything they could to help me and push me. Unfortunately that is not the case for many other people who come from somewhat the same background as me. Many Hispanics my age are becoming the first generation to complete school and further their education in college however because they are the first they don’t always get the same support as I did because not all families know how to deal with these certain situations. Due to this I have been getting very involved in certain clubs that reach out to hispanics and minorities in general. I have become involved in The Latin American Student Organization, I am an Interested Lady of the Latin sorority Lambda Theta Alpha, and I am helping a friend start up LULAC at our Towson Campus. I want to bring awareness to other minorities and show them that it is possible and that they can graduate high school and they can make it to college and they can set an example for others. I like to help with community service to help spread the word of our organizations and to help others like me find a safe haven and place for them to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and succeed.

  • Iesha Oneal

    When reading this story I feel so inspired. I myself love helping people and I have life been brainstorming on the best way to get to the life that I have always dreamed of. It seems that so many times trials and tribulations can bring us down when we least expect it but, it’s always important to get back up and keep pursuing that goal. I am a 4th year Criminal Justice major with plans on going further to get my Master’s and eventually Law School but, because of my passion of helping others I want to start my own non-profit organization for youths who have been placed in the similar positions that I was in as a child. I know it will e hard to juggle these responsibilities but, reading this story gives me a great motivation to move forward.

  • Shaquille Bailey

    Dominic Ebanks story is very encouraging. I feel the same way. You have to be ambitious to want to reach your goals in live. You have to work towards something you love not just work. Don’t let having little or no finances limit you for reaching those goals.

  • Mariah Mansperger

    Striving for one’s true life goals is a characteristic Dominic Ebanks holds that many people tend to ignore in their lifetime. Originally, he stated he went to college as a pre-med student, which is already a big enough challenge alone. Ebanks decided that this was not the correct path for himself, so he decided to do something he knew he loved: business. He prepared himself financially and went back to school to better his future in business. After graduating in 2007, he was able to finally pursue a career in a field he loved.

    His story offers hope and determination to all that reads it. After reading it, I tried to reflect his journey on my own life journey thus far. Although I am only a freshman in college, I can shape my future plans in a similar manner that Dominic Ebanks did. Prior to coming to college, I was set on becoming a newscaster or weather woman. My journey through high school, similar to Ebanks’ journey through his first years at college, led me to my true passion: psychology.

    Interest in psychology had come in and out of my life over the past five years. Dealing with family issues and accepting my place in the LGBT community had me in and out therapists’ offices over that time. As my senior year of high school ended, and I was faced with the difficult choices of where my life path should go, my eyes opened to the field of psychology as a result of the last couple of visits with my therapist. I realized that reporting the news on television was not for me, and that my goal in life was to help teenagers/young adults who deal with issues like mine.

    Now as I finish my first full year of college, I can reflect on Dominic Ebanks’ story and use it as an outline for my future. Choosing a life path that will reward me with satisfaction each day will always be the better choice than choosing something that is looked at as more prestigious in society.

  • Dominic Ebanks is a true inspiration. I loved reading this story and about his journey on how he has gotten to where he has today. Similar to Dominic, I love giving to others. I plan to complete my degree in Psychology as well as Business Psychology and hopefully can make it up the ranks as Dominic has! It takes true innovative individuals to be able to build brands and products, and in our world these are very important skills to obtain. I want to help businesses with the marketing aspect, and eventually have my own non-profit business/organization where I am able to raise funds for a variety of needs from outreach to third world countries, and even more! Thanks to Dominic’s story I have faith that no matter what obstacles and trials we have, it IS possible to accomplish our goals and make even our biggest dreams, a reality!

  • Kavya Reddy

    I can really relate my self to this story. I personally feel that it is very important to build
    a career for yourself that will allow me to excel, while being useful to the society. I myself have taken part on many voluntary activities.

    My career goal is to be a doctor. Being a physician will give me an opportunity to give back to the society, which has given me so much. And, one day I want to be like Dominic. I really admire his passion.

  • Bethany Rogers

    I found Dominic Ebanks story very exciting and encouraging. My goal is to complete my degree in psychology and intercultural studies enabling me to reach out to people with huts and needs

  • I feel inspired by the story of Dominic Ebanks. I feel like it hits very close to home in regards to the similarities that I feel are present in both of our stories. I admire his humility and the fact that he states that he tries not to associate his obstacles with his race, ethnicity, or gender. I feel like this is something that everyone should live by. Instead of getting upset by the stereotypes, prejudices, and pre-determined judgements from others based on your appearance you should give your everything to make sure that you succeed and let your actions speak for themselves.

    I love what I do and who I do it for. I am working towards my degree in Biology and Psychology while volunteering as a YoungLife leader which requires the hours of almost a full time job. But not only do I love doing Christian based outreach work, I love showing love and care for the high school kids who may not receive that love and positive attention from others.

    This article has helped me reenforce my belief that money is not the main goal, losing yourself in the service of others is what will make you live a life worth living and keep you excited and eager to start your next day of work.

  • anh luu

    I admire Dominic’s determination to make a difference against all odds. He doesn’t just blindly pursue his career path out of pure, naive passion, but he recognizes the obstacles he has to face and he takes informed steps towards his goal. This awareness doesn’t come easy.

  • Trinsetta Meantforsuccess

    I enjoyed and related to this post due to going through similar things. I also come a rural environment and has struggled to push through college financially. I have also had to budget, prioritize, and sacrifice things to be able to continue with my education. What he does also would be a viable service I could take advantage of in my future. My ultimate goal would be to create a social program for adolescent boys within the inner city. When the community gave up on them I would provide services to instill a sense of purpose and convince them they have know limitations. Dominic Ebanks is an inspiration to me that all my dreams are possible.

  • Erica Holmes

    I enjoyed reading this article because it shows me how not only where I live but in other areas of the whole people face some of the same things. It’s important to remember how things were different for you and how it’s important to go back and help where you came from.
    This was an encouraging read to help you keep on keeping on!!

  • Love Bug

    This was very read motivational to read. I am in awh of words. I agree with the voluntarily connection with nonprofit organization.

  • ashish poudel

    My favorite part is when you said “i love what i do but more importantly who i do it for”. As a law major, i have heard of many injustice that have been committed to helpless people. my biggest motivation to become a lawyer is so i can help the people so there will be less injustice. As a part time worker at a Grocery store i have also come to believe that the more you develop personally the happier you will be.

  • Sifora Tek-lab

    This is awesome and hits so close to home. I am also a first generation American, with my parents descending from a small African country called Eritrea. Also, while I am on the pre-med route, I have connections to both business and the IT field. My parents own their own businesses, which has over the years have allowed me to build a deep respect, and possible interest in becoming an entrepreneur myself. Also, I am planning to major in computer science.

    My favorite part is where you say you don’t like to focus on the challenges you face because of your race and culture. In the end, it is the work you do that shows who you are. While I do believe there are stereotypes and challenges people of diverse backgrounds need to overcome, as well as a voice to address those concerns, sometimes people get lost in calling others out. I live my life with the idea of being the contradiction. If the stereotype is that I can’t make it, then that makes me want to make it more. You’re accomplishments are amazing, and you are an excellent role-model for future generations.

  • Herman Dickey

    As a freelance graphic artist, my plan is to create a platform to inspire future designers regardless of age. I am also a full-time employee of a non-profit organization; as a result, i have seen first hand how much designers charge to do various jobs. After graduation,I would love to create an opportunity to help future designers grow in their craft while offering non-profit organizations a break on quality services as well.

    Giving back to the community by contributing to the success of future designers, I feel that the world will be equipped with a valuable resource.

  • Nora_Graham

    I think it is great for people to be working with non profit organizations. I was able to work with a non profit organization over the summer in Baltimore called Safe House of Hope, and I learned many things. They run on their own set schedule for each activity every day and that was my favorite part. Since I want to be a psychologist in the future, I love making my own plans for the day. This ensures me that I can manage my own work load and accomplish all my daily goals efficiently. I have learned many great time management skills while in college that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

  • Rebecca

    I started as a premed student as well. I still haven’t found what I want to do for the rest of my life. This story is really inspiring. Maybe, I will continue with my degree and find something later on after college.

  • Inspired reader

    This was an inspiring read! I agree with the approach of small business voluntarily getting engaged with nonprofit causes in some capacity. No need to get caught in corporate scandal and then make the mad dash to improve public relations and become the super corporate givers … until the smoke blows over. Out of box thinking entrepreneurs are the best!

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